Crusher Mod. FP600MGS - FP900MGS - FP1200MGS

THE FP-MGS CRUSHERS DESIGNED FOR MEDIUM-THICK TILES are an evolution of normal FP tile crushers.
They have been designed to effectively and efficiently remedy and solve the issue of crushing production rejects for large formats and thick products.

The grinding group of the FP MGS crushers consists of a pair of reinforced shafts filled with anti-abrasive material and moved by a clearly sturdy double independent drive unit.

Our machines can break porcelain tiles measuring up to 1200 mm (FP 1200 MGS), 900 mm (FP 900 MGS) or 600 mm (FP 600 MGS), with a maximum thickness of 15 mm, producing rejects about 10 cm2 in size with an irregular shape, given the vitreous mechanical properties of ceramic.

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